To God, with love


Dear Mr God,

I’m writing this letter to invite You for a little visit here in the Earth. I’m sure You’ll love the trip because the place is so beautiful! (Of course it is, You created all of it!, and as You own said a long time ago: You’re not disappointed with Your invention).

So I want invite You, God, to come here for a few days – maybe only one would be sufficient – and check some problems that are happening frequently – and I suppose Saint Peter didn’t told You anything about it or You’ve never been here before.

Please, excuse me writing in english, but I’ve already wrote in portuguese and You didn’t answer me, neither came. As I thought that the United States’s president is almost like You – the world’s owner – so maybe You speak english! So, I kindly ask You to excuse me for the mistakes too, but I’m not perfect! (sorry for the joke…).

I hope you can come to the Earth and help us because You let us here alone and It seems we don’t know what we are doing, in fact. The world needs an update urgently.

Thank You in advance for Your comprehension.

P.S.: If You want learn portuguese, perhaps I could teach you!

Oh, no… Wait… The Papa is Argentinian… So… Do you speak spanish???

With love,